Your Summer Best - Tracey's update for weeks 2 & 3

February 28, 2021

I missed getting out an update last week because I am on vacation. I admit I was better at staying on track at the beginning of the time here in Florida. I was motivated to hit the gym and Vicki kept me on track with lifting weights. She was like a kid in a candy store at the fitness center and while I wanted to workout I also wanted to go to the beach! The beach was our reward for our efforts. :) 

Week 3, I’m still attempting to stick to the plan while on vacation. Cocktails and eating out can challenge any good plan. But changing my habits has helped me to keep somewhat on track. I have been buying healthy groceries and that way my dinner out I just try to stay within my macros I am feeling successful. 

Let’s face it…life can get in the way of all good plans. But if you understand the basics of moving your body in some way everyday AND counting your macros you can be successful. You can indulge occasionally and still stay on track. 

“It’s not about perfect. It’s about effort. And when you bring that effort every single day. That’s where transformation happens. That’s how change occurs.”

Here are my takeaways through weeks 2-3:

  • Be patient. I said that in week one and it still remains. When you use the scale as an indication of success you can feel deceived and discouraged. I know my body is changing as I begin to see definition in my arms but the scale hasn’t changed much. 

  • You can do glute work literally anywhere! Cheek squeezes while you are on the plane or driving. Lunges or sumo squats while brushing your teeth or cooking. Maybe it isn’t exactly an organized workout but I can get three sets in pretty easily while multi-tasking.

  • You can get steps in by parking further away from your destination. (It did help that I rented a car and they upgraded me to a Cadillac SUV so I was pretty scared to park it near other cars! And, beach parking can be quite far from the beach.) 

  • You can get creative with weights. I have been doing arms with my own body weight as in push-ups and tricep lifts but I can add in shoulder work with gallon jugs of water. And abs, you can literally do those everyday anywhere!

  • And, lastly, ALWAYS travel with resistance bands! I have been loving them! They are easy to pack and so versatile to use. I will check in next week with some videos on how I’m using bands to target all areas of my body. 

For me following a PLAN has been key. An exercise plan; a food plan; whether I need to focus on arms today or legs. It has helped me stay on track with some consistency while being on vacation. Noticing some changes has motivated me even more to stick with this.

Hope this provides you with some inspiration. It’s always more fun to have support so I’d love for you to join me and bring a friend or two.

Check out our newly revised schedule so you too can follow a plan for success!