What is Yamuna® Body Rolling?

July 16, 2021

Yamuna® Body Rolling is a fitness and healing system that uses balls of various sizes and densities to free up restrictions in your body caused by repetitive movements, injuries or normal wear and tear on the body over the years. This works gives you immediate feedback and the impact of the work can be seen and felt immediately. The photo above is the before and after during a one hour session to free up the hips and low back. By working through hip and leg work, she was able to increase the range of motion in her hip socket.

The work starts with bone stimulation and begins working the tissues from their attachment point into their insertion point. The lengthening that occurs in the tissues allows for a greater range of motion, increased lubrication of the tissues and thus the joints so that body can function the way it was intended.

This work is for all ages and is a great addition to your intense workouts. Try it for free! See the home page for the Special Offer!